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  • Noel Smith


I made my return to the bush at last.

It’s been a long four and a half years since my last trip and oh how good it was to get back there, even if only for two days.

The weather wasn’t great for the first half but by the time we were leaving things had started to improve.

We had an awesome bull ele encounter in the form of Rambo the local orphan, originally rescued as a youngster from Kruger. I wish I could have felt his skin and tusks but had to settle for a slobbery inspection from his trunk instead. 😁

The last morning was capped off with a sighting of 14 Wild Dogs. It's always a highlight seeing successful, large packs of these highly endangered beautiful animals.

Logistically it was quite a challenge getting me and all my paraphernalia there and back but thanks to my loving family, carer and physio therapist as well as Bayete Private staff, all went off great for an awesome trip. A trip that would not have been possible without the exceptional help of my Physio Therapist, Chris Harrod. Chris will be starting a service to help disabled people, like me, visit their favourite accessible places.

Feel free to contact him at and show your support!


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