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And so began my slow progression through, what I like to call, my art rehab, and with it came a whole lot of experimentation. At first, I attempted to draw with my stronger and more flexible left hand, which I had been able to type with. This was a problem though, as I wasn’t getting the proportions correct and I was finding it difficult to draw circles, as I normally would for a bird’s eye.

October 2017

Next, I tried painting with water colours with my right hand, using a printed drawing. Which was a bit of a disaster, and ended with me spilling water everywhere. One could say I had given a whole new, rather unsuccessful, meaning to water colours.

December 2017

Back I went to my pencils, having realised that working with paints and liquids was not going to be possible, at least at that stage.

January 2018

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1 Comment

Jun 09, 2020

I can see such a huge improvement.

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