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When I started this painting it reminded me of the famous poem Tyger Tyger burning bright by William Blake, so I decided to name it the same.

I finished it just in time for my 5th anniversary since my accident. It has been quite a journey, but this is my best art work since my accident and my best pastel ever.

Based on photos I took in Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India in 2010, this is my second painting of this tiger. The first painting was selected for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year competition and auction in 2011, my best and most prestigious achievement. I was so proud to have this painting exhibited amongst the worlds best artists at The Mall Gallery in London.

Since I started sharing my progress of this painting, a few people have shared their interest in it so I have decided to put it on auction. The auction will be done on Facebook by private message or through the email on the blog site. There is an undisclosed reserve price and the following donations will be made from the proceeds; 10% to the David Shepherd Wildlife Fund for Tiger conservation, 10% to QASA the Quadriplegic Association of South Africa and 10% to a charity organisation for the needy in South Africa.

Please share this post to promote exposure to the plight of the endangered tiger population as well as to help inspire quadriplegic people around the world.

TIGER TIGER BURNING BRIGHT by Noel Smith. Pastel on card, 400mm x 300mm

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Trish Nethersole Berry
Trish Nethersole Berry
Oct 20, 2021

Love the detail on this pastel. It is a tiger burning bright!

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