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  • Noel Smith

Africa Dreaming

I think of myself as really blessed to have been able to spend so much quality time enjoying the African bush veld

To have so many memories and photos and art to recall all those special moments up until my accident

It has been over four years now since my last safari to Botswana and Zimbabwe

And whilst it’s great to recall the memories, what I really miss is

The preparation and packing of the Land Rover, ready for weeks of camping

Sitting in the warm still dusk, watching ele’s dusting off as the sky turns different shades of pink, purple and blue

The prrrup of the scops owls, one close by and the other far off

The majestic cry of the fish eagle as he throws back his head to call

Listening to the rumble of an ele’s stomach as he slowly ambles past

The monotonous build up of cackling from the hornbills or buzzing crescendo of the cicadas in the midday heat

The change in smell after the rain or driving through sage

Trying to stop shaking after finding a good leopard sighting, so as to take a good photo

The yapping of jackals as the Kalahari dusk changes to darkness

The calm and peaceful cooing of turtle doves

Listening to the deep powerful roar and grunt of a lion near or far

The tinking of tree frogs and mournful moans of hyenas as the evening sets in

Oh how I miss


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