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  • Noel Smith


Wow so sorry it’s been so long since I posted any news, updates or art. It hasn’t been without reason. 2023 was a very challenging year, starting with the need to sell our beautiful house as I am no longer able to do house maintenance in my condition. It was extremely saddening to have to say goodbye to my loft studio too, which was finally completed in 2018. This meant clearing out 25 years of accumulated stuff and took 5 months of ruthless culling. Follow this with a bad car accident in May just weeks before moving. It was a rough time. Anyway, we finally moved into our new home with my matchbox size studio. What a squeeze, but I’ve painted in smaller spaces in the past. 

I also bought an old Land Rover Discovery 1 and added a chair lift so hopefully I’ll be back in the bush very soon.


As for art, I had started a scenic pastel drawing with an iconic lion at the end of 2022 which, with all of the above, got put on the back burner. It must be a record for me in terms of time taken to complete an artwork, but it’s nearly done and I will follow up with another post shortly when signed.

Don’t give up on me,

I’m back.



Bryan Bailey
Bryan Bailey
Feb 11

Hey Noel,

Welcome back. Life is a test at the best of times, and as the world supposedly, is supposedly moving forward, it gets tougher.

Enjoy your new home and keep up with the painting. Agree with Gary Parkins.

Look forward to your ongoing stories.


Gary Parkins
Gary Parkins
Feb 06

Thanks for the update ,your art is truly a gift from God

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