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  • Noel Smith

mosi - oa - tanya

Mosi-oa-Tanya means Smoke that Thunders, also most commonly known as Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River.

The new Radisson Blu Mosi-oa-Tunya Livingstone Resort is soon to open in Livingstone, Zambia and I am honoured that Shiralee Darley, CEO and founder of DIAD, Internationally acclaimed Interior Designers, has incorporated two original and three large format Giclee canvas prints of my art into the prestigious new hotel.

Who would have thought "Dawn Patrol" my leopard painting would be looking out over the mighty Zambezi!

CEO and Founder of DIAD Interior Designers, Shiralee Darley sitting below Dawn Patrol.

Morning Dreamer also trying to get a view of the mighty Zambezi.

Heated Moments.

Panted Dog large format Giclee canvas print 1,8 m high.

Inquisitive Leopard is a very large print of one of favorites and is still to be hung. I will post this as soon as I get a photo of it hanging.

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Wow so sorry it’s been so long since I posted any news, updates or art. It hasn’t been without reason. 2023 was a very challenging year, starting with the need to sell our beautiful house as I am no l


Oct 12, 2022

Congrats Noel, it was a special moment to have visited the hotel prior to opening and view your art work on display - the Wild Dog being special for us in this collection.


Trish Nethersole Berry
Trish Nethersole Berry
Oct 06, 2022

So great to see these paintings hanging in the hotel. How wonderful to know that we are lucky enough to have the original painting of 'Heated Moments'.

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