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  • Noel Smith

'N Boer Maak 'N Plan

“ 'N boer maak ‘n plan” is a good old South African Afrikaans saying for making a plan. Exactly what was needed to get the detail for the eye on my Sabi Sands Leopard. To me the eyes are always the most critical part of a painting, and because of the small size of the original photo, it was hard to see much eye detail, even once it had been blown up. This meant that I had to use a good source photo to establish a base that I could then work off of. Fortunately for me, one of the source photos I found, once it had been inverted, had the head angle and aspect of that of the one I am working on. As you can see, I had to work between the two to get what I wanted. Next step…colour

the original photo enlarged but lacking in eye detail

the source photo I ended up working from to establish a good base for the eye

combining the two

caught in action

the end result


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