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  • Noel Smith

Sabi sands leopard

Hey guys

Sorry it’s been some time since my last posting, it has been a bit of a rocky road.

Tone/spasticity is the worst enemy of spinal cord injury/incomplete quadriplegics.

Mine affects my shoulders the worst and limits my time I can spend drawing. This, together with a bit of procrastination I suffer from most times at the start of a new art piece, has been the reason. Anyway enough of the excuses.

The great news is that I received my first commission since my accident, which was in November 4 years ago. With it comes a bit of anxiety as to what I have committed myself to.

The subject is a Sabi Sands Leopard. The photo I am working with was taken with a cell phone by the client and unfortunately the quality is not that great to work with, but I have enough back up leopard material to make it work.

I first had to draw the subject on a sacrificial page and then transfer it onto the final pastel board. First mistake, using a soft pencil and graphite transfer paper. I worked for 2 hours only to find it had not come through so I had to redo it all again with a hard pencil. I am so over spots now I don’t think I will be doing another leopard for a long time. Before my accident they were my favorite subject.

The results are still a bit faint but at least I can start color with pastels now.

Will keep you posted as it progresses.


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